1. What is the best way to research a school?
  2. How Do I Register?
  3. What is the difference between your program and other schools offering holistic nutrition?
  4. What are the times and days that your day and evening programs are offered?
  5. Is funding available?
  6. Do you offer correspondence courses?
  7. How large are the classes at IHN?
  8. Where are you located and what are your hours of operation?
  9. What are your holiday office hours for December 2016/January 2017
  10. What salary scale can I expect after graduation?
  11. When is the next semester?
  12. Can I begin in the middle of a term?
  13. Can I take a course for interest or must all 19 courses be taken?
  14. Is it possible to study part-time during the day?
  15. How much home study is required?
  16. How old is IHN?

To know if a school/program is for you, it is in your best interest to be a “student for a day”. Visit the school, sit in on a class, meet the students, talk to the faculty members and get an insight into the quality of the education being offered. Also, IHN, upon request, will supply you with contact numbers of graduates so you may find out first-hand how they have succeeded. We have a graduate portfolio which you may peruse at the school. You may call IHN at any time to set up an appointment to be a “student for a day”.
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You can download an application form from the Registration tab on our website, or contact the school via email or telephone. Please provide us with your contact information so we are able book an appointment for you to come into the school via telephone/email.

Please bring the following with you to the interview:

a. Student Enrolment Contract
b. Autobiography (2 pages double spaced)
c. Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D) / British Columbia Certificate of Graduation or equivalent post secondary documentation
d. English language proficiency

Mature Student Admissions Requirements:

Applicants 25 years of age or older may apply as a mature student.

a. Student Enrolment Contract
b. Autobiography (3-5 pages double spaced)
c. Resume
d. English language proficiency
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IHN is the only school of its kind in Canada founded on an in-class curriculum with a hands-on approach. We offer the most in-depth courses with 713.5 in-class hours of holistic nutrition principles and practices. IHN’s placement rate is one of the highest which speaks for the caliber of the program.
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Our Full Time Day Classes are offered Monday to Thursday from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.
Our Part Time Day Classes are offered Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.
Our Part Time Evening Classes are offered Monday & Thursday from 6:00 – 9:30 pm.
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Check with your local office of Human Resources Development Canada on the availability of funding for individuals making a career change. Banks offer student bank loans and funding programs are in place through the Unemployment Insurance Office. Keep in mind that tuition does not have to be paid in full up front. Installment plans are available. Tuition is tax deductible.
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IHN was founded on an in-class university level curriculum with a hands on approach to teaching. All classes are held at our Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa and Vancouver campuses. Graduates from in-class programs have a much higher placement rate.
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One of the main benefits of enrolling in a private school is the small class size. IHN has 25-40 students per class. This low student/teacher ratio allows for all questions to be addressed and an integration of information.
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Our North York campus is just 5 minutes from Don Mills Rd. and Eglinton Avenue. Located on Wynford Drive, one block north of Eglinton Avenue, east of Don Mills Rd.

18 Wynford Drive, Suite #514
North York, ON, M3C 3S2
Telephone: (416) 386-0940
Mondays-Thursdays 9am – 4pm
Fridays 9am – 2pm

Our second campus, located in Mississauga, is conveniently located within the Square One area.
North of Burnamthorpe, West of Hurontario at Square One

55 City Centre Drive, Suite 701
Mississauga, ON L5B 1M3
Telephone: (905) 615-9090
Mondays 9am – 6pm
Tuesdays – Thursdays 9am – 4pm

Our third campus, and first in British Columbia, is based in Vancouver. It is conveniently located at W Broadway and Cambie St.

604 West Broadway, Suite 300
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1G1
Tel: (604) 558-4000
Mondays-Thursdays 9am – 4pm
Fridays 9am – 2pm

Our fourth campus, located in Ottawa, is conveniently located at Merivale Rd. and Meadowlands in the Emerald Plaza.

1547 Merivale Road, Suite 430
Nepean, Ottawa, ON K2G 4V3
Tel: (613) 680-9330
Mondays – Thursdays 9am – 4pm
Fridays 9am – 2 pm


Thursday December 22 9am – 4pm
Friday December 23rd Closed
Monday December 26th Closed
27th-29th 9am-4pm
Friday December 30th Closed
Monday January 2nd Closed (new year’s day)

Open for regular hours at 9am on January 3rd.


Thursday December 22 8am – 4pm
Friday December 23rd 8 am – 4 pm
Monday December 26th Closed
Tuesday December 27th Closed
28th-29th 9am-4pm
Friday December 30th Closed
Monday January 2nd Closed (new year’s day)

Open for regular hours at 9am on January 3rd.
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Depending on the area of specialty a graduate chooses, (see About Us – Employment Opportunities) starting salaries range from $40,000-$55,000
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First day of class begins January 4th for the Vancouver Campus > Vancouver schedule

First day of class begins January 9th For the Toronto & Mississauga Campuses > Toronto schedule / Mississauga schedule

First day of class begins January 10th For the Ottawa Campus > Ottawa schedule
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Yes you can, although some conditions do apply. Firstly, the courses offered at that time should not have any mandatory prerequisites. Secondly, space must be available in the course. If these conditions are met, then a program advisor will asses which courses would be best suited for you, based on your educational background.
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All 19 courses are required for a diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition. However, if you want to take individual courses you may do so. Please view the Schedules link for the times and dates of courses at all of our campuses.
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We do offer part-time during the day. This is offered either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday for apx two years with August off. The hours are from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
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Each class is three and a half hours and a reasonable estimate for home study per class is two and a half hours.
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In 2017, IHN is celebrating its 21st anniversary.
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