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The Institute of Holistic Nutrition together with The International Institute of Iridology presents a diploma course in:

Holistic Iridology
Instructor: David J. Pesek, Ph.D.

Coming to our Vancouver Campus Spring 2013

I believe in iridology and nutrition as the twin guiding stars that will bring in a new profession equally uplifting for both doctor and patient. – Bernard Jensen, D.C., N.D.

The Level I study program is designed to comfortably facilitate the student into the science and practice of Holistic Iridology®. You will feel as though you are in the classroom with Dr. Pesek. Even students with prior iridology education will learn a great deal from the material presented in this informative course. Emphasis is placed on the professional and ethical use of this art and science. Due to the fundamentals of Holistic Iridology® set forth in this course, it is a prerequisite for the study of Level II.

What You Will Learn in Level I

  • The holistic health model in action
  • Historical perspective on iridology
  • Value of Iridology revealing inherent genetic weaknesses and strengths
  • Techniques for interpreting iris topography with Dr. Pesek’s Chart of Holistic Iridology®
  • The newest iridology terms for an international language
  • Proper procedures to ethically read “live” eyes with a light and lens
  • What can change in the iris and what does not change
  • How to present information to your client without diagnosing
  • The interrelationship between thought, emotion and health
  • Reflexes of the bowel affecting organs and glands
  • The importance of healthy circulation of the 6 systems of detoxification within the body and how to read their levels of congestion in the eyes
  • Tissue cleansing techniques for vitality and longevity
  • How eyes reveal conscious and subconscious thought and emotional aspects of personality
  • The integration of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing
  • Understanding nutritional requirements through analysis of the eyes
  • An accurate understanding of what iridology can and cannot reveal
  • How to develop a health program using Iridology
  • The power of Iridology as a tool of prevention
  • Blending the various techniques of Iridology from around the world into one dynamic system called Holistic Iridology®
  • Iridology textbooks are reviewed

Materials for Level I

  • 8 DVD’s
  • Total of 16.5 hours of  lecture and demonstration
  • Study Manual to support lecture material
  • Written exam used as a study guide
  • Examination light and magnifying lens sold separately

Upon successful completion of the written exam, the student will receive a certificate
for the study of Basic Holistic Iridology®.

Intermediate Holistic Iridology®

Level II – Distance Education

The in depth, Level II study program brings the student to a functional competency in the utilization of the Holistic Iridology® system for making assessments. Due to the intricate concepts taught in this course, it is a prerequisite for the study of Level III. Studying and learning via the DVD’s gives the student a feeling of being in the classroom with Dr. Pesek.

What You Will Learn In Level II

  • In depth understanding of the Chart of Holistic Iridology®
  • Constitutional typing and sub-typing with related diathesis
  • The influences of genetic memory seen in the eyes going back generations
  • The Brain Reflex Areas of Holistic Iridology® and related conscious and subconscious thought/emotional patterns
  • Iris signs for early assessment of conditions and accumulations in body tissues for prevention
  • How to properly and ethically express to a client what is being seen in their eyes without diagnosing
  • Metabolic pigments and their relationships to the various organs and their condition of health
  • Understanding the zone map and regions of the iris
  • Detailed meaning of terms commonly used in iridology
  • How to use the eyes to interpret the interrelationships of the organs, glands, thoughts, and emotions to “belief systems”
  • More information on natural treatments from a holistic perspective
  • Transversal vessels and aberrant trabeculas indicating tissue health
  • Brief introduction to signs in the sclera
  • Deeper aspects of how eyes reveal thought and emotional patterns of personality
  • Further understanding of nutritional requirements through analysis of the eyes
  • How to use a rating system to create a clinical, holistic iris analysis without diagnosing

Materials for Level II

  • 12 DVD’s
  • Total of 23.5 hours of lecture and demonstration
  • Study manual to support lecture material
  • Written exam used as a study guide

Upon successful completion of the written exam, the student will receive a certificate for the study of Intermediate Holistic Iridology®.

Advanced Holistic Iridology®

Level III • Live, 5-Day Seminar / Workshop

Learn and enjoy through your personal experience with Dr. Pesek in this “live”, 5-day, intensive seminar. Enhance your competency and skills and deepen your understanding of Holistic Iridology®. Students who have completed Levels I and II are eligible to participate. This course is a prerequisite for taking the Diploma exam.

What You Will Learn in Level III

  • Functional integration of the information learned in Levels I and II
  • Proficiency and confidence to practice as a Holistic Iridologist™
  • Extensive training and various protocols for making an accurate assessment
  • Various lighting techniques for live examinations, iris photography and digital imaging
  • Correlation of the 18 brain reflex areas to genetic memory patterns
  • Relationship of the 18 brain reflex areas to tissue structures of the body
  • Special techniques for assessing the true brown iris and black-brown iris
  • Advanced information on iris topography and structure
  • Hereditary typing and sub-typing for predispositions and symptoms
  • Aging and warning signs seen in the iris, sclera, pupil, cornea and conjunctiva
  • Heterochromatic markings and metabolic pigments
  • Assessment of conscious and subconscious thought and emotional patterns revealing predispositions that can lead to degenerative conditions
  • Sclera indicators and their interpretation relative to thought, emotion and tissue health
  • Understanding of the interrelationship between iris, sclera and pupil indicators
  • Uncommon abnormalities and conditions of the iris, sclera and pupil
  • Techniques for building a practice of iridology or integration into an existing healthcare practice
  • Detailed assessment techniques for creating a 30-page, Holistic Iris Analysis Report for your clients

Other Important Points

  • You will receive a study manual to support lecture material
  • Demonstration of Dr. Pesek’s Holistic Iridology® Iris Analysis Reporting System software
  • Presentation of the usefulness of the Hyperhealth Pro Encyclopedia of Natural Health on CD
  • There will be books, charts, digital cameras, iriscopes, iridology software and much more available
  • Demonstration and hands-on use of the Pesek Professional and Pesek Clinical Digital Iriscopes
  • You will have the opportunity to purchase your personal Holistic Iris Analysis
    performed by Dr. Pesek

Upon successful completion of the oral and written exams, the student will earn a certificate
for the study of Advanced Holistic Iridology®

This course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to practice at a professional level. The course content incorporates highly relevant, understandable and exciting real life material in a professional, useable, stimulating and spiritually uplifting way… this course is a fantastic assessment tool to incorporate into any holistic healing and nutrition practice. – Rena Singer-Gordon, B.A., MHSc., C.N.P., R.N.C.P. IHN Graduate

Diploma of Holistic Iridology®

To achieve this distinction the student will successfully complete the coursework for all three levels of instruction as previously set forth.

In addition, an Anatomy and Physiology course, approved by the International Institute of Iridology®, must be successfully completed. This course may be taken through another school or via the distance education course offered by the Institute.

There is also a Diploma Exam to be completed outside of class time. This practical exam consists of the student performing a detailed analysis of three pairs of eyes utilizing the assessment system taught in Levels II and III. This is the student’s opportunity to demonstrate that he/she has mastered the skills necessary to perform a clinical iris analysis. A separate fee is required for this exam.

When all of the above requirements have been accomplished, Dr. Pesek and the International Institute of Iridology® will proudly award to the student what they have earned, the Diploma of Holistic Iridology®. The student may then proudly say he or she has the distinction of being a Diplomate of Holistic Iridology® and may use the letters, Dip.H.Ir. after his/her name.

Annually, at the International Iridology and Integrative Healthcare Congress™ (3rd weekend of October) there is a graduation ceremony for the Diplomates of Holistic Iridology®


David J. Pesek, Ph.D.

David J. Pesek has earned five degrees including Ph.D.’s in psychology and iridology. He is a clinical nutritionist and a member of Iridologists International (B. Jensen), an honorary association. David is also a psychotherapist and a member of PSI CHI, the National Honor Society of Psychology.

Dr. Pesek has studied various teachings of iridology from around the world and has blended them into one dynamic system – Holistic Iridology® – which includes his unique contribution to this science by developing the interpretation of genetically inherited thought and emotional patterns through the eyes. David has practiced naturopathic healthcare for 36 years. He has given successful expert witness testimony in a court of administrative law regarding the validity of iridology as a means of health assessment. Further, Dr. Pesek is the only iridologist from the Americas ever invited to speak (4 times) at the prestigious International Course for Irisdiagnosis in Germany (J. Deck).

He is the founding director of the Center for Effective Living®, established in 1976. This institution is one of the first comprehensive, holistic, integrative healthcare centers on the North America continent. David is on the leading edge in the field with his advancements in developing a truly holistic model of iris analysis and wellness programs.

David has received the Hixson Fellowship Award from Kiwanis International for his years of effort to support life enrichment programs for children. He has also been knighted by the Sovereign Order of St. John as a Knight Commander for his lifetime of work in helping to improve the health of humanity.

Dr. Pesek is heralded as “The New Pioneer in Iridology”, and as “One of the World’s Pre-eminent Iridologists” by leading natural health organizations. He has received the Dr. Ignaz Péczely Award in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of iridology worldwide. As an internationally recognized authority in the fields of iridology and human behavior, David shares his knowledge through lectures, seminars and clinical practice. He has taught his dynamic system of Holistic Iridology® on five continents. He also serves as the founding director of the International Institute of Iridology® and the founding president of the International College of Iridology®.

Dr. Pesek is on the faculty of several institutions that teach natural and integrative medicine. Over the past three decades, David’s passion and pioneering work are helping to bring about the renaissance of natural healthcare through his dedication to the wellness and spiritual enlightenment of humanity.

Tuition Fees:
The total package for all 3 levels is $1950 + HST CAD
1st Installment of $975.00 + HST due upon registration
2nd Installment of $975.00+ HST due the first session of level three (see below)

It is recommended to allow two months for proper self-study of level I & II. For more information on registration or payment,  please call IHN at (416)  386-0940, or email us at

Seating is limited.

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