Overseas Apprenticeship Program

The Institute of Holistic Nutrition is proud, not only to be the only private career college in the industry who offers one full-scholarship per year to a student of humble origins from a 3rd World Country; but also, to be the industry leader in international holistic development, with our stand-alone Overseas Apprenticeship Program (OAP), exclusively available to IHN graduates.

2014: Co-op Opportunity and Graduate Apprenticeship Program in Busia, Uganda (Kenya/Uganda border) East Africa
Holistic Nutrition Teaching Opportunity in East Africa:

If you are an IHN graduate (or almost graduate) who loves learning, traveling, getting entrenched in new cultures, is passionate about teaching, and not afraid of a challenge; then this is the opportunity for you!

Three – five students per year will be given the opportunity of a lifetime to live and work in rural Busia, with an awesome family; and teach holistic nutrition to adult students currently completing a one-year diploma program in Bio-intensive Organic Agriculture.

Upcoming OAP standard 14-week placements commence:
January 2014
mid-April 2014
mid-August 2014  (one position available per session)
2015 dates TBD

Primary Roles Include

-         Team teaching with OAP supervisor (12 hours per week) including marking, writing and administering exams

-         Developing curriculum for Diploma Program in Bio-intensive Organic Agriculture and Applied Holistic Nutrition

-         Community Outreach Assistance – establishing garden beds for school children and running free community workshops (min one day per week)

–         Update website/blog posts on holistic nutrition in Africa news

–         Learn about Organic Agriculture and Herbal Medicine in the tropics (on-site)

Upcoming specialty 6-12 month OAP Supervisor placements commence:
July 2014
Dec 2014
2015 dates TBD   (one position available per session)

Primary Roles may Include

-         Team teaching with standard OAP participants (12 hours per week) supervising marking, writing and administration

-         Assist in training new OAP recruits from Canada on roles, responsibilities, culture etc

-         Supervise and report on curriculum development, and provide assessment and ongoing evaluation of efficacy

-         Act as senior administrative assistant at Bio-Intensive Training Centre (BTC) Uganda, including regular meetings with program director on site

–         Act as academic advisor providing valuable information about programs available (including community outreach networking)

–         Supervise and contribute to website building and updating for BTC online

 NEW OAP Placement Opportunity in 2014/2015: 

Help us Build an Eco-Community from the ground up!

 Opportunity to work with Eco Mama’s Global Community Gardens

a NFP organization founded and run by IHN Graduates and Staff with a BIG vision for OAP in 2014, and YOU could HELP!

About EMG: We are a conscious, grassroots organization based in Vancouver, British Columbia with a strong vision to build eco communities in developing countries all over the world; starting in 2014 with rural Uganda (East Africa).  Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for families in poor rural areas through education of women involving environmental sustainability, permaculture, holistic health, natural birthing and yoga.

 Our goal is to begin building our first eco community in Uganda by March 1, 2014, and YOU COULD HELP!

 To find out more, visit www.ecomamasglobal.com

 Applicants for all placements will possess the following traits: Experience teaching or have a passion for teaching; the ability to learn quickly and adapt to new situations with ease, be “low maintenance” (you will be using a latrine, taking “bucket showers” and cooking all meals on an open fire), be personable and open-minded, hard-working, and have a thirst for learning.

Applicants for the OAP Supervisor placement will ALSO possess the following traits: Extensive experience travelling overseas, including non-guided travel to 3rd world countries; be extremely outgoing, possess very strong leadership qualities and problem solving skills, be well organized, and be capable of spending a minimum of 8 months overseas.

Applicants will also:
» Have attended an information session at IHN about the OAP
» Have an up-to-date resume or CV submitted to IHN’s Vancouver Campus GM, Shayna Grimwood, via email with intention of interest clearly stated
» Complete an intensive application and interview process, for this chance of a lifetime opportunity!

OAP 14-week Investment – Aprox CDN $3500.00
Includes – Flights, accommodations, food, transportation, visas, entertainment/ local recreational activities, for 3 months


Our Sustainable Mission in Africa

The main focus of this project is sustainability! The idea is to go and educate other adults so that they may pass on holistic values to their children; thus helping reduce disease and poverty in Africa; and create long-lasting change at a grass-roots level!

Our graduates will be going to Africa, to teach… But they will also be going, to learn… The successful applicants will be going solo, to teach daily at a Locally Developed Agricultural College, do research, and create a curriculum; which the Kenyan instructors will then keep on hand; and use to teach from in the future.

In the meantime, we have awarded a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to a 22 year old Kenyan student; currently completing the one-year full time CNP program at IHN Vancouver. After 2 years of IHN Graduates volunteering in Kenya, we will have created a sustainable curriculum, ready to be taught in 2014; by the Kenyan scholarship student, who has a full-time job waiting for her at the Campus upon her return!

Five months in Africa was just long enough…

“When you truly start to fall in love with this place, I think it is like falling in love with a person. You weigh the pros and cons, spend lots of time together… Try to figure out if all the little idiosyncrasies are things that you can live with or not… And then I think one day it just sort of hits you. It happened to me yesterday. And now I can’t stop thinking about it. I am dreaming about it. How much I truly love this place…”

Blog Entry (November, 2009)


International Development Co-op’s are available in your home town! If you are an awesome planner; creative, motivated, resourceful, and connected to lots of people; fundraising opportunities are available for your co-op; and you can help support sustainable agricultural practices and organic farming in Kenya and Uganda!

To date, we already have over $10,000 raised! Let’s see who can do more!

Please contact Shayna Grimwood at shayna@instituteofholisticnutrition.com to find out how you can start raising money for something that really matters, while also getting hours for your co-op!

* Please note – self-purchased travel insurance, at the discretion of OAP participants, is strongly recommended by IHN.  All participants will be required to sign a non-liability waiver prior to travelling; IHN and its affiliates do not take responsibility for any items lost or stolen while participating in the OAP, and are not liable for any health, safety or security issues which may arise.  While participation in the OAP is an opportunity of a lifetime it involves travel to a foreign country where the unexpected may occur – it is the participants responsibility to research the risks and determine if the program is for them.