To be eligible for entry, applicants must provide documentation of completion of the following:

  • High School diploma, or its equivalent, or post-secondary documentation
  • A 2-page, typed and double-spaced autobiography. Describe your life, highlighting your experiences, how you became interested in studying nutrition, your educational background, hopes and aspirations for your future.

In addition, prospective students must complete an Application Interview with a Program Advisor at desired campus of study. This can be completed in person or over the telephone. Please call desired campus of study to book this appointment.

Advanced Standing

Applicants with credits from an accredited post-secondary educational Institution may be exempt from certain health science courses only provided that these courses meet IHN’s standards, including: Anatomy/Physiology (HAP 01), Organic Chemistry (BC 001) and Biochemistry (BM 002). Students who seek advanced standing must apply to the program advisor with official transcripts. Official transcripts must be submitted before the commencement of the program in order for a tuition reduction to be processed for exemptions granted. Transcripts submitted after the commencement of the program will result in a credit note that may be applied to continuing education tuition only.